We believe the right nutrition can change everything

At Hill’s, our decades of science and research guide us in making food with the precise blend of taste and nutrition your pet needs – so they can live their best life.

Every transformation starts with science

Whether it’s conducting industry-leading research, analysing nutrient levels in each of our products or selecting optimal ingredients for your pet’s health, Hill’s is driven by science results you can see – in every little transformation.

Leading science

With 220+ veterinarians, PhD nutritionists and food scientists, we develop breakthrough innovations for your pet’s health.

Cat and owner
Research, love and care

At our global Pet Nutrition Centre our 900+ cats and dogs help us to better develop food for pets like yours.

Dog eating.
Everything they need in every bite

Guided by science, we formulate our food with precise balance so your pet gets all the nutrients they need — and none they don’t.

A company inspired by a guide dog

Our company began in 1939, when a blind man asked his vet to help his ailing guide dog. The answer he found was nutrition — and we’ve been helping pets ever since.

Safety standards you can trust

Our quality and safety standards are so rigorous, they’re modelled after human food manufacturers — so your pet gets a food made with their best interest in mind.